Hi, I’m Emily!

Emily of Emily Cartoons

Glad to see you here! 😉

My name is Emily Caesar, and I have been working as an Animator since 2004. My main focus is online advertising, childrens’ books/content, teaching/demo/explainer videos, textiles, and applications/games. I am experienced with all levels of corporate needs, to short-term contracts/campaigns.
As a Creative Director, I have managed over 30+ social media accounts at a time, covering the gamut of small to large businesses. My focus was to find the best way to market each brand at peak performance—while keeping costs at record lows for all advertisers.

I would love to hear about your project and how I could help you.

Toodaloo! 🙂

— Emily Caesar

And I’m Fred!

Fred of Emily Cartoons

Hi, everybody!

I’m Fred Rodriguez, a creative designer with many specialties in visual communication and the field of communication design. I currently work as a freelance Creative Director—which basically means: I like to give every project vision and purpose. I use all of my resources to make the best project that can be made for each of my clients.

If I can help you at any point on your existing or upcoming project, I’d be happy to talk with you about it.


— Fred Rodriguez

You need a whole lot of awesome on your next project! We can help.


App/Game Design and Assets

Art/Creative Direction

Branding and Logo Design

Character Design


Desktop Publishing

Digital Illustration

Design Motion Graphic

Design Presentation

Graphic Design

Promotional Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Story Development

Textile Design

Typography Design

UX/UI Design

Video Editing

Web Banner Design

Web Design/Dev

Web Videos

  Emily Cartoons Sets Sail

Emily Cartoons Art Kit is for young disadvantaged artist.With the common goal of wanting to collaborate on a project for the better good, after just one conversation, Emily and Fred were able to envision a social media website that would embrace art, unite artists, and find those with the common goal to help others in need. Amid an altruistic brainstorming session, a star was born, Emily had shared a story that would forever flow through the veins of their first project together. A project forged between two artists, galvanized by vision and purpose, Emily Cartoons was created to help artist of any socioeconomic status.

This is her story: Emily had started a facebook animation page. There she met a young artist from a third world country, 14 or 15 years old. He said he had lived in a small village and wanted to be a Walt Disney animator. Through facebook email correspondence, Emily gave instruction to help him get started. This is when her mentorship work began. One day the young artist said, “I’d like to send you some more drawings, but I don’t have a pen to draw with.” Emily was confused. The young artist continued to say, “My pen dried out, so I have to wait for school to start so I can get school supplies.” He mentioned that his parents couldn’t afford a pen, and that any money they earned went toward purchasing food. This opened Emily’s eyes and wounded her heart to a critical extent; to realize that the need for one simple pen could cast a shadow so dark it could stifle a person’s dreams.

But that was not Emily’s last encounter with a young, afflicted artist, and there, the framework of her altruism was born. Fred had similar stories, one of how a single balloon enlightened a village of small children in Guatemala. Together, Emily and Fred were able to see these peoples’ limitations—but these were limitations not defined by their own desires to create, these limitations had no boundary against their love of art, nor did these limitations represent any seizure over their aspirations of becoming something more—no. These children were simply limited because they didn’t have a pen or piece of paper to draw on.

Imagine if we could send art supplies to kids who are inspired by people like you. People fortunate enough to created at will. People who don’t see a mesh basket filled with pens as a treasure trove of future possibilities. We, Emily and Fred, ask you to join the cause. A cause to get these hopeful young artists supplies so they can fulfill their dreams.

EmilyCartoons.com is free for all. And we aim to keep it that way. We created a place for the people, the artist, and enthusiasts to add their content for all to share, help, learn, and inspire. Emily Cartoons steps forward to create a home to unite all artists. We share. We care. And with you, we hope to help cultivate the next generation of world artist who have similar desires to create and connect with others like themselves.

Together let’s help those young artist who would like a chance to be like you, like us. By offering donations we can supply art and school supplies to young artist, we can elevate their lives, and potentially fulfill their dreams. If you would like to learn more about our charitable passion, then join us.  Please click here.

We thank you,

Emily and Fred

Feedback and Support

Hello! Your feedback is very important. We graciously accept all comments and suggestions to help improve your experience. Thank you, and toodaloo :) — Emily


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